It's been five days since the most powerful country in the world was brought to its knees by a minority of demented extremists. Like their primate evolutionary kin, these Congressional asshats continue to punish the entire country by throwing poop at us. Here's all the clusterfuck coverage thus far.

Day 5

There seems to be no end in sight and now bored government workers are posting "Shutdown Sex" ads on Craigslist.

Here are 11 tech and science programs killed by the shutdown, which is also crapping all over our animal friends.

Day 4

The National Weather Service has chimed in with this secret coded message for Congress and in happier news, Stephen Colbert married a couple whose wedding was ruined by the shutdown.

Even though the prison guards watching Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are still unpaid this GOP Rep defends keeping her salary...and more stupid people saying stupid things on TV.

Day 3

Michelle Bachmann claims Republicans are super happy about the shutdown... case you needed more proof that Republicans are acting like nauseating weasels.

Kids out of pre-school, yet they are still discussing "strategy"...

...but at least Jon Stewart is slamming those who put this country in the freezer

Day 2

The Republicans are resorting to woeful tactics, while some try to help...

...and others get shunned and frustrated.

The shameful embarrassment continues with no end in sight...

...but the show must go on.

Day 1

The government is frozen, as Kate Upton and Ryan Gosling explain

This is how the shutdown is affecting everyone:

From Hollywood to car manufacturers... science and NASA operations...