FoodBeast went to Muncheese Burger—in Torrance, California—to see how they make their delicious, gooey inside but crunchy outside mac and cheese burger buns. It's not hard at all and they look so delicious. You only have to follow eight easy steps.

1. Boil macaroni

2. Drain the macaroni, drizzle with oil and mix

3. Add cheese sauce, mix, add more sauce until it gets to a juicy gooey texture

4. Add your favorite shredded cheddar and mix

5. Let it cool in the fridge for a few hours

6. Scoop it and make balls

7. Dunk the ball in egg and cream, cover it with panko, turn ball into a patty and then add more panko to finish

8. Dip it into a frier slowly (or a small deep pot with oil) and let it fry till golden brown

You are done. Now you have your greasy delicious buns ready for your burger. I recommend you make the patty juicy (I'd do it with some pork meat mixed in and a good proportion of fat), add some simple tomato and lettuce, and make your own vinaigrette emulsion (I'd go with some vinegar, mustard, and a touch of shredded lemon lemon skin.) You will need the acidity to compensate the fat flavor and get a well balanced burger.

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