A wall of snow has swallowed Buffalo, New York, this morning. NOAA meteorologists say it's a heavy snow lake effect. Check out the videos, plus the aerial photos (like the above posted by WBEN NewsRadio's Facebook) and satellite images. Good luck everyone. Developing... [Update 14]

Note: Check out this amazing map of the blanket of cold that is covering the continental United States and Canada.

Above: photo by Joseph DeBenedictis.

Above: Image by Edgar Madrid posted by meteorologist Tim Ballisty on Twitter.

Above: Image by Dave R. Porter.

From NOAA: Heavy snow is forecast for downwind areas of the Great Lakes region from Tuesday into Wednesday with the eastern shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario seeing impressive snow totals greater than 18 inches in limited bands near Fredonia and Watertown, New York. This image was taken by GOES East at 1445Z on November 18, 2014.

Update 1. According to meteorologist, this radar image is something they haven't seen in a very long time:

Update 2. Apparently the difference between south (where the snow is swallowing everything) and the north is incredible. Here's north of the snow wall:

Some people don't care, however, and they went surfing to Lake Erie, in Sunset Bay.

Update 3. The temperatures in the United States have dropped dramatically. Tuesday had the coldest morning since 1976. Freezing temperature blanketed the entire country, as this map shows. Check out the full report for the full resolution map and more information.

Update 4 (November 19, 2014, 8:30AM ET). Here are some photos of the aftermath.

Above: Morning photo by C Adams.

Above: Lackawanna, NY, this morning. Posted by Sarah Peckham to @news4buffalo FB page, reposted by meteorologist Tim Ballisty.

Update 5. Apparently things are only going to the worse, as arctic wind from the North Pole and Siberia arrives to the Great Lakes.

Record lows from Idaho to Nebraska and Iowa south to Texas and east through the Great Lakes, the eastern 2/3 of the US will shatter decades-long and in some cases, century-long records. Temperatures east of the Rockies will be 20-40°F below climate normals.

Cold air pushes east thru Wednesday with a reinforcing shot of Arctic air with origin from the North Pole & Siberia to arrive on Thursday in the Great Lakes. Any relief is is 5-6 days away as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit will struggle to rise above freezing until Saturday.

Update 6. Check out this time-lapse video of the snow wall.

Update 7. Buffalo News reports six dead during the storm. Like we said above, this is not over yet: "Two separate lake-effect snow warnings posted for today for metro Buffalo."

The lake-effect band is moving north this morning, with snow falling at a rate of 3 to 5 inches an hour.

Update 8 2:46PM ET. Tomorrow there will be a second wave of the lake effect. NOAA is reporting that the alert is still in effect:

Impressive snowfall totals will continue to add up downwind of the Great Lakes...An anomalous upper trough carved out over the eastern half of the Nation will keep temperatures below normal from the Great Plains to the Atlantic coast. Within the frigid airmass...heavy snow bands will continue to set up downwind of the Great Lakes where Arctic air will be ushering in over relatively warmer lake waters. Lake effect snows should wane a bit ahead of a clipper system sliding out of the Upper Midwest on Wednesday...but activity will ramp up again as the system lifts into Canada Thursday morning. The clipper will also bring another blast of Arctic air and the possibility for light snow showers in the central Appalachians.

Update 9 6:50PM ET. From the AP: "A vehicle, with a large chunk of snow on its top, drives along Route 20 after digging out after a massive snow fall in Lancaster, N.Y. Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014. Another two to three feet of snow "

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