Fellow space nerds of the world, start saving, because soon $75,000 will get you a ticket 30 kilometers into the sky on board one of World View's TIE Fighter capsules—a pressurized ship that will let feel the awe of watching Earth from space.

You will not enjoy the thrill of sitting on top a thousand tons of explosive rocket fuel, feeling your ship shaking as it launches to high orbit—although some people will be ok with that. The capsule goes to space using a gigantic weather balloon, similar to the one used by fearless Felix when he broke the space jumping record.

And you will not be able to float in space either—although you will feel microgravity when you are up there watching Earth's glowing curved horizon. But for $75,000—compared to the quarter million dollars of a Virgin Galactic ticket—that's perfectly fine by me.

Talking to Discovery News, co-founder Jane Poynter said that people "can be sitting up there having your beverage of choice watching this extraordinary spectacle of the Earth below you and the blackness of space." Sounds perfect to me, Jane. I'll have a Zacapa rum, thank you very much.