After years of wait, it's finally here! The first look at J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's loaded with new cool stuff: The new version of the X-Wing fighters, new characters, new storm stormtroopers, and one really cool shot of the Millennium Falcon battling TIE fighters over a desert. Watch it!

Here's the rundown:

An ominous voice (the bad guy) says "There's been an awakening have you felt it?" while we look at a desert scene (Tatooine?)

John Boyega (our new hero?) appears on the screen in an Imperial storm trooper uniform.

A new small droid, that has a rotating body to run around the desert, zooms across some kind of spaceship yard.

A squad of storm troopers in some shaky vehicle appears. They look like US Marines about to get dropped somewhere.

They get their weapons ready.

And indeed the flying vehicle bay opens and they are going to get dropped somewhere.

Daisy Ridley appears all stressed on top of some vehicle.

And then she darts across the deserts on top of it. It's some sort of heavy duty speed bike.

Oscar Isaac appears in the cockpit of a new X-wing Starfighter.

He seems to be flying with other X-Wings over a lake in a really cool low-altitude pass.

A dark figure appears over a snowy forest. Is that Luke in his dark Jedi robe...? The voice says: "The dark side..."

"...and the light" as the figure fires a laser version of a medieval broadsword.

Aaaaaand cut to the Millennium Falcon fighting TIE Fighters! It's a wrap, folks.

The teaser trailer will be released this weekend in selected theaters across the country, so keep your eyes open to see it in the big screen.

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