Beauty is in symmetry. Symmetry is beautiful. Or something like that. But what if that's not true? Photographer Alex John Beck played around with the idea of facial symmetry by creating perfectly symmetrical composite images of people's faces in his photography series Both Sides Of. You'll see two faces in the pictures here, one face is the the left half of a person's face mirrored and the other is the right side. They're both symmetrical. They're not always beautiful.

It's fun to see how one side of a person's face can look so different from each other. It's not as dramatic as seeing two different people but it seems as if they have completely different personalities Sometimes one side of a person's face looks more sinister or is a little chubbier or is maybe skinnier. We don't get to see what these people actually look like but judging from most of these perfectly symmetrical pictures, it would seem that they look better in real life with their imperfect faces.


You can see more pictures in this series by Alex John Beck here and at MyModernMet.

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