Star Fighter bus will let you play games with real joysticks

Thank you Japan for oshizushi, nigirizushi, manga, sukiyaki, anime, Akira Kurosawa, Majinga Z, katsu, shabu-shabu, tentacles, Gatchman, and now this space bus that belongs in sci-fi movie. Sure it's gimmicky, but where else can you find a bus with a flight joystick to play games on each seat?

Japan's Space Buses Are Out of This World

Buses tend tend to look like, well, buses. Not this one. It looks like a futuristic spacecraft. No wonder it's called "Star Fighter."

Japanese bus company Willer Travel has a fleet of overnight buses that transport people across Japan, whether that's from Osaka to Tokyo or other routes.

The company also has the Star Fighter, ready to take visitors on tours. Among them is a one-hour trip from Tokyo's Shinjuku to the Tsukuba Space Center, where Japan's version of NASA is based. Other trips are within Tokyo. This is less a traditional bus and more an amusement attraction—which is probably why Willer Travel calls the Star Fighter an "attraction bus."

And here's the front of the bus.


Inside, the bus is decked out to look like a spaceship!



An anime-style video greets travellers, and seats are outfitted with a joystick that is used to play games inside the vehicle.


The roof glows spacey, giving the cabin an otherworldly feeling.


Japanese sites Trendy and Dime previously checked out the Star Fighter bus. Other photos are from Twitter and Japanese blogs.


Space man costume is optional.

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