Here is proof that there's always more horrifying Frankenfood left to be invented and more stomachs to destroy with fast food: the Double Down hot dog. It's KFC's take on a hot dog only instead of using a regular hot dog bun, KFC is whipping out a bun made with fried chicken. It looks ridiculous.

The meat tube is splooged with a mayo, cheese and ketchup concoction and then cradled in an Original Recipe fried chicken fillet that's been vaguely shaped to resemble a hot dog bun. Sometimes this devil's combination works and looks like something you might even consider putting in your mouth:

But most times it looks more like leftover food on top of the trash can than anything else:

Here's a picture from @kixnakamura:


And from @TheDaddest:

The Double Down Dog is a creation of KFC Philippines. International fast food chains are known to get wild with stunt foods and this is no different. The dog is only available at 27 locations across the Philippines and limited to 50 per store. Would you eat it?


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