What Happens When An Auteur Film Director Makes A Car Ad

I'm not a big fan of these Gus Van Sant BMW i8 ads, but it's interesting to see a different, more character-based approach to a car spot. That and it looks like a win for BMW, which should be more than happy to associate a fancy arthouse director name to their fancy new i8.

The BMW i8 commercials are as beautiful as the car itself

These BMW i8 ads could be just another car commercial shot in an abandoned road in the middle of the desert, but when you hire an auteur film director like Gus Van Sant—Good Will Hunting, Elephant—those cliches transform into art.

A trio of ads—featuring actors Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire), Sam Hazeldine (Resurrection) and Mickey Sumner (Frances Ha)—tell the story of the BMW i8, a car that moved from being a futuristic concept, like those you normally see briefly in car shows, to reality.

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