Photographers Ursula Sprecher & Andi Cortellini have been working together since 2007 in a beautiful series of photos called HobbyBuddies. As the name announces, these carefully staged pictures show groups of people who get together regularily and enjoy a common hobby.

In their series HobbyBuddies, they show arranged group portraits of people who meet regularly due to a sharedinterest. No matter what they call themselves – interest group, association, club, clique or league – the focus inthese groups is always on voluntary commitment and the joy of pursuing a common cause or shared idea.

These staged pictures were each taken at a carefully selected location, at a scheduled time, with scenery builtand specifically arranged to show a certain number of members of the group.The subjects of the group pictures come from all walks of life, age groups, ethnicities and religions.

Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini are professional photographers based in Basel, Switzerland. You can preorder HobbieBuddies from Amazon here and follow their work here.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring futuristic, alien-looking or just plain awesome images of landscapes, cityscapes, and objects. If you are a photographer with such work, please drop me a line here.

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