Could there be more iPhone 5S colors coming this September?

Kinja user Lotzosushi has photos of the white iPhone 5C casing with some parts—plus a red iPhone 5 casing as well. Which made me think: Why wouldn't Apple be releasing the iPhone 5S in multiple colors too? What would be your favorite iPhone color?

There's no more information on this, so it's purely speculative. It could be a casing replacement made by someone else (update: in fact, it is!) After all, Apple has been making products in many different colors since the time of the original transparent iMac. They were the first consumer electronics company to do so.


In fact, Steve Jobs was proud of their ability to make and distribute different colors, claiming that they were the only ones capable of doing this. At the beginning, he said, nobody thought they were going to be able to make that happen. But they did thanks to their extraordinary control of manufacturing and inventory, he claimed.

There have been red colored products in the past, like the original Ruby iMac:


Or, more recently, the iPods:


And of course you have the [RED] products. Perhaps there will be an iPhone 5S [RED]—especially given Tim Cook's commitment to that cause.

If there is one, that will be my color of choice for sure. Better than goddamn gold.