Say hello to the Callicebus caquetensis, "a new and critically endangered" monkey species found in Southern Caquetá, Colombia, deep in the Amazon rainforest. "When [the babies] feel very content they purr towards each other," says its discoverer, scientist Thomas Defler.

The new purring monkey is included in a list of 441 new species discovered in the Amazon rainforest from 2010 to 2013 compiled by the World Wildlife Fund. Here some of these beasts and plants:


A highly endangered thumbnail-sized frog, the Allobates amissibilis, which means "that may be lost."

Chironius challenger, a new snake "named after Arthur C. Doyle's fictional character Professor George Edward Challenger in the novel The Lost World."


The war painted but shy Gonatodes timidus, who has an uncanny ability to remain invisible.


A herbivorous piranha, the Tometes camunani.

One of the 45 new species of orchid, the Sobralia imavieirae.

Of course, all of them are already endangered, pressured by human destruction of the Amazonia.


Many of these especies have abilities and features never heard before, and many hold chemical and genetic secrets that can cure illnesses or advance the development of materials. The pharmaceutical industry has already found many crucial compounds in nature, everywhere. Same with many other industries. And yet, we destroy their habitat for agriculture, farming and cheap wood.

So humans are not only a bunch of assholes to animals and plants, but we are impossibly stupid too.