No? It's okay, I couldn't find him either. I tried really hard too but I'd just be a walking dead person by now if I stumbled across this field in real life because the sniper that's hiding would have no problem mowing me down. He's super close. No, not there. There.

VICE posted an excellent photo series by photgrapher Simon Menner that even provided tips on where the sniper was located and yet I still couldn't spot them. For the photo above, Menner says to look at the two boulders in the lower right hand corner. The sniper's muzzle is supposedly visible. I don't see shit. I'm dead.

Menner spent some time with the German army and its snipers and saw the snipers hide right in front of him. They're really really really good at hiding in plain sight. Like really good. Test your Where's Waldo skills with more pictures of the snipers at VICE and check out Menner's book about The Stasis, Top Secret, here.

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