Considered by some the best restaurant in the world, Noma has moved temporarily from its Copenhagen, Denmark, home to the Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental, in Japan. From January 9 to February 14, they will serve a new menu based on local products, completely different from its original menu. Check it out:

The fixed menu at Noma, including wine pairing, costs 64,900 Yen ($550). The dishes change depending on what is available on the market. Here you have a few examples:

[Above: Langoustine and ants]

Green strawberries with cheese

Assorted citrus with Okinawa chili peppers

Shaved ankimo toast


Cuttlefish "soba" and a cold broth of roses



Clam pie

Sea urchin pie


Chilled cucumber and green strawberries, sake and basil flowers

Tofu and shaved walnuts


Pumpkin simmered with kelp and salted cherry blossoms

Raw squid


Fermented black garlic leather

Things from under the ground


Wild duck brushed with rye soy and cooked slowly over fire

Roasted turnip in green sauce


Dessert of sweet rice and sake

Sweet potato slow cooked in raw sugar


Paste of sweet cep mushroom coated in chocolate

All pictures from the Instagram of Ivan Orkin (@ramenjunkie) and René Redzepi (@reneredzepinoma).


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