Silly Putty does not make for a very effective projectile, and I’m also guessing it wouldn’t make for a particularly effective dildo, either. Yet somehow here it is, trying to be both.

TAOFLEDERMAUS is a YouTube channel that exists solely to shoot weird shit out of guns. Weird shit like pieces of quartz, slugs made of toilet paper, or magnetic buckshot. But the most unintentionally comedic thing to ever careen out of one their many firearms at a few hundred miles per hour our has to be a gob of Silly Putty stuffed into a glass tube.


At that speed the glass container almost instantly shatters, but the putty—having the wonderfully weird properties of a non-Newtonian fluid—retains its shape, which is undeniably dick-like.

It’s not accurate. It’s probably not much more dangerous that a rubber bullet. But my god, it is deeply entertaining to watch.