Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer who loves Hong Kong. These stunning photos are from his latest book, Vertical Horizon, "a deep immersion into the city's thick atmospheres and a visual record of its wildly diverse built environment." Some of the buildings seem to go on forever. When I look at them, I feel like I'm go fall into the sky.

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer and visual artist. Born in 1987, he grew up in Paris suburbs until he moved abroad in 2008. Originally dedicated to drawing and digital art, his interest in photography started to prevail after his arrival in Hong Kong.


Living in the heart of Kowloon, he immediately felt bond to this place, unique for its density and for its vibrancy. He then decided to record his new home thoroughly and turned himself into a photographer. Believing that harmony can only result from the confrontation of chaos and order, Hong Kong's streets are his favorite playground for developing his art.

You can follow Romain's awesome work in Facebook, DevianArt and his webpage. You can order his book here.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring futuristic, alien-looking or just plain awesome images of landscapes, cityscapes, and objects. If you are a photographer with such work, please drop me a line here.

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