How often have you stared at a piece of technology and felt like you absolutely needed it? That's just consumerism at work, my friends! How often have you stared at food and wanted to eat it? That's human nature! So when you combine the basic instinct of wanting to eat with our developed desires for tech gadgets, well, you have the best kind of technology. Even if it doesn't work, it tastes good.

Spotted by Colossal, these art sculptures were made by photographer Dan Cretu. He recreates objects we once knew and loved like boomboxes, cassettes, cameras, etc. with fruits and vegetables. What was once a piece of plastic we probably didn't need is now a joyful and colorful (and edible!) image of what we all probably need more of.

Prints of Cretu's work can be found at his Etsy shop. Those, I'm afraid, aren't edible.