This is María José Cristerna also known as The Vampire Woman, in a photo just taken at the Venezuela Tattoo International Expo in Caracas, Venezuela. She was considered the woman with the most tattooing and body modifications in the world, but that hasn't stopped her from getting even more.

Don't get deceived by appearances: María José is a former lawyer, mother of four, tattoo artist, and survivor of domestic abuse. She is "normal" (whatever normal means to each of us) even while she doesn't look normal to most people.


And while she may be an extreme example today, in the not-so-far-away future millions will modify their bodies with implants, cybernetic parts, and genetic alterations for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Not all the modifications will be obvious and against the general beauty canon. In fact, some of those modifications will be designed to make some people fit into future beauty canons, just like breast or cheekbone implants do today. No matter their nature and ultimate objective, body modifications will become more common until, at one point, they will be seen as the norm and not the exception.

New tribes and races will rise in megalopolis all over the world. María José is just the vanguard of the new world to come.

Before and after





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