These wildly inventive dishes from clever Instagram user Chef Jacques La Merde (translation: Jack Shit) repurpose junk food you'd find in the cupboard of college kids feeding themselves for the first time into perfectly plated, "tweezered everything" dishes that wouldn't look out of place at three Michelin star restaurants.

So instead of purees and molecular gastronomy pumped gels, you get bagel bites, pop tarts and baby food. For example, the above photo features a hostess cupcake with dunk-a-roos, yogurt raisins, nibs candy and Starbucks Mocha Frappucino "caviar". Genius! I'd totally eat that.

Some of our favorites are showcased below. You can see more at Chef Jacques La Merde's Instagram account here.

Corn dog, ham, Spongebob Squarepants macaroni.


Bagel bites, Cheetos.

Pop Tarts, Mike n Ikes, Mentos.


Lunchables, pork rinds, powdered mac and cheese cheese.

Spam, cheese balls and nuts.


Hot Pocket, Hidden Valley Ranch.

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