Rapper and food TV show host Action Bronson just posted an Instagram reportage of a meal in the best restaurant in the world*—Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 24 courses with ingredients that go from flowers and sea urchin to ants and grasshopper.

Noma has been named best restaurant in the world several times already. Its food is based on the search of the best local ingredients to cook them and present them with extreme care and respect. A full meal at Noma is around $280.


* Of course, "best restaurant in the world" is an arbitrary title by one publication—the British magazine Restaurant. But it's definitely one of the very best in the planet.

First Course: Fresh berries in fresh herbs

Course Two: Langoustine (Alive)

Course Three: Flower tart

Course Four: Summer peas with chamomile

Course Five: Hay smoked quail egg

Course Six: Tar tar of Danish beef with celery and black ants

Course Seven: Sea urchin with hazelnuts

Course Eight: Caramelized cabbage with rose petals and greens

Course Nine: Shaved cod liver on burnt milk

Course Ten: Roasted baby cucumber with ants and scallop fudge

Course Eleven: Savory Danish donuts with bitter greens and grasshopper

Course Twelve: BBQ'd summer onion

Course Thirteen: Danish squid with black currant sauce

Course Fourteen: Blackberries and cherries in a seaweed broth with cured turbot roe

Course Fifteen: Butternut squash with caviar from Finland

Course Sixteen: Roasted lettuce root with various wild steamed greens in a lemon verbena sauce

Course Seventeen: New potatoes with rose petals and cured egg yolk

Course Eighteen: Roasted bone marrow

Course Nineteen: Pickled squash

Dessert: Rhubarb rose with creme fraiche in apple broth

Dessert Two: Raspberries in a rye cream

Dessert Three: Chocolate covered fermented mushroom

Dessert Four: Egg nog with marinated cherries

Dessert five: Chocolate covered pork rind with berries

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