In an apparent attempt to get people more interested in protected sex, Condomania Harajuku recently released a series of ads showing live human beings stuffed into vacuum-packed bags. "Preserve the love," the ads read. "Wear a condom." The effect is startling.

You can't but wonder: How do they breathe in there? And the answer is: They don't. Photographer Hal, who was commissioned to do the work and has done similar projects in the past, arranged the models inside of an empty futon bag in the position that he wanted. (In one case, the two models' bodies are intertwined so that they form a heart.) Hal's assistant then sucks out all the air, while the photographer counts down before snapping a photo. The models take sips of oxygen from a can in between shots.

So what do you think? Does the sight of two humans trapped in a bag without air make you want to use a condom? Or does it just give you nightmares?


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