The first time I saw this image I thought of an inter-dimensional portal of evil sucking in reality. It's actually the test of the Nammo hybrid rocket engine that will power the Bloodhound. If everything goes as planned, the Bloodhound will be the first supersonic car to reach 1000mph (1,609.34 km/h).

In the car there will be three engines: The first one will be the EJ2000—a military turbofan capable of developing a 13,500 pound force that powers the Eurofighter Typhoon. This engine will take the Bloodhound from 0 to 300 miles per hour.

At that point, the Nammo hybrid engine—which uses both solid and liquid fuel—will fire up, taking it from 300mph to 1000mph. A third engine—a Cosworth Formula 1—will pump the liquid fuel into the Nammo.

The 1000mph supersonic Bloodhound.


The Bloodhound cockpit.

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