Scientists have identified a mysterious animal captured in the arctic waters of Canada's Hudson Strait region. They thought this gelatinous beast was a goblin shark, but now they claim it's a Rhinochimaeridae—commonly known as "long-nosed chimaera" or "underwater unicorn from the infernal deeps die you bloody bastard die" fish.

Some people thought this was a goblin shark because they look kind of similar. Ish.

A goblin shark saying hi.

Talking to CBC, University of Windsor researcher Nigel Hussey said that "only one of these fish has previously been documented from the Hudson Strait. Potentially, if we fish deeper, maybe between 1,000 and 2,000 metres, we could find that's there's actually quite a lot of them there. We just don't know."


I say, leave the poor demon squids and goblin sharks and long-nosed chimaeras alone. They have enough with being like they are, with their paddle-shaped snouts, vampiric mouths and venomous dorsal fins.

Unless they taste good. If they taste good, let's kill all those bastards and eat them.