If you think the funniest person in the world in 2013 was Louis C.K. or Aziz Ansari or some other genius laugh out loud comedian, you're probably right. But eventually their shtick will get tiring. It's going to happen. But do you know what never gets old and always stays funny though? Watching the local news screw up over and over again. Like in this fantastic blooper reel.

The local news broadcast is an endless source of comedic gold. The combination of putting green reporters who curse like sailors off air or freeze like deer on camera with cameramen who keep on rolling and news anchors who unknowingly make dick jokes is pretty much the best amateur hour ever. Somebody is always saying something stupid somewhere. NewsBeFunny put together a whole compilation of local news screw ups from 2013.

Everybody screws up. Only the local news screws up on camera for everybody to see.

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