The Russians keep hunting for fragments of the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year. This space boulder—the largest piece so far—has just been found by divers deep in the Chebarkul Lake, about 930 miles east of Moscow.

The meteor weighed 1,256 pounds (570 kilograms) before the balance broke. The analysis of the earlier pieces confirmed its origin is meteoric, an ordinary chondrite meteor that contains 10-percent of iron. An all-metal meteor would have probably hit the ground with the energy of several atomic bombs, causing serious damage and casualties in the area. In this case, some buildings were damaged by the blast, with breaking glass and other debris causing injuries on 420 civilians.

Given its origin—and unless something unique is discovered inside—the price of the meteor could be anything between 50 cents and dollar per gram.


The divers who found the meteor. Photos by AP Images