Graphic designer Paula Rupolo came up with the clever idea to see just how far famous brands and logos have penetrated our brains: she swapped the colors of brands with their closest competitor. The results are so weird: coke is blue, Pepsi is red, Google is purple and Yahoo is colorful. It's like living in some alternate reality.

The effect is so jarring, logos that were once completely familiar have become foreign since the colors have changed. Colors are more powerful than the actual logo design, eh?

Fast.Co spoke with Rupolo about her project and Rupolo said:

These are all big and famous brands. They basically own the colors of their logos. When you switch to a competitor's colors, your brain notices there's something that doesn't fit, that makes you go, 'What's going on here?' and that's interesting and a bit curious.

Totally. They almost become as unrecognizable as foreign companies