Different cultures, different food. Different folks, different strokes. Different armies, same soul evaporating packaged foods for army rations. Okay, that's not exactly fair. Some countries obviously have it better than others (I'm looking at you France) but at the end of the day, most armies around the world are eating out of pouches and cans and what looks like condom wrappings.

The Guardian has a gallery that showcases the army food rations around the world. Highlights include Norway's Tooty Fruities, France's deer pate and cassoulet with duck confit, the UK's chicken tikka masala, Australia's Vegemite, Spain's edible condom lookalikes and some damn strong coffee for the Italians.

To see all of the countries different ration packs, head here.

The US gets almond poppy seed pound cake, spiced cider and a rather cool flameless heater:

France's digs actually look pretty great:

Norway has a little fun:

Singapore doesn't mess around:


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