Photographer Anastasia Pottinger has a powerful photo series called Centenarians that reveals what the human body looks like at 100 years old. It's a remarkable achievement to live so long and the marks of age are well worn on the oldest people on the planet.

The photos are taken of nude 100 year olds in black and white and they shine light on the universal truth of time. Deep wrinkles and sagging skin make the bodies look almost unrecognizable but they're also beautiful in an emotional way. Pottinger writes:

When I later reviewed the images on my computer, I knew I was looking at something very special. It was when I began exhibiting the work that the idea to continue the series was born. The response to the images has been remarkable. Viewers are visibly moved by what they are looking at. Whether it's wondering, "is this what I'm going to look like?" or remembering a loved one – the response seems to be universally emotional on some level.

See more of her work here. We all grow old eventually.


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