I just knew about They Ate WHAT? A competition where vets send X-rays of animals with weird things stuck within their bodies. These are some of the winners—some images look kind of harsh but don't worry, all the animals were treated appropriately and they are fine and hungry again.

First place: More than 30 ornamental rocks inside this frog's stomach.

Second place: A shish kabob skewer inside the stomach of a german shorthaired pointer.

Third Place: The famous Great Dane who ate 43 1/2 Socks


Honorable Mentions

Two-year-old pug Stella ate one quarter and 104 pennies


Two-month-old rat terrier ate his owner's bra

9.2 by 2.3 cm pocket knife found inside a Labrador


This lightbulb passed unbroken through the digestive system of a golden retriever

A fishing hook inside of a 7-week-old puppy


Flock of rubber ducks found inside a dog named Woof

Alien figurine found inside a 5-month-old male kitten


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