This is awesome. Not awesome as hot dogs, but awesome in the real sense of the word: "extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear." Say whatever you want about Mustang Wanted and his friends. Call him crazy, insane, borderline suicidal—like you did in the comments here—I don't care. This image is awesome—and I love it.

The image is part of the series taken when Mustang Wanted and a friend climbed the 2,132-foot-high Shanghai Tower completely barehanded.

This guy is an amazing athlete, he's having a lot of fun (look at that smile!) and the views he gets are just incredible, something 99.9% of us will never experience. So I'm going to defend him here (not that he needs any defense—this guys doesn't give a damn about what the whiners say.) Kudos for him for having the guts to do whatever he wants to do without caring about risks, even if that risk is losing his own life. Godspeed, Mustang Wanted! And watch out for slippery surfaces.

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